Finding The Best LEGO Designs For Kids

The best Lego designs are the ones that encourage creativity and imagination. Lego has done an amazing job over the years creating Star Wars, Space X, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and hundreds of other sets that are played with and loved by children. When you are a child, you spend countless hours playing with Lego and building all kinds of crazy structures that you will one day be able to replicate with ease and pride.

You may not remember how much fun you had as a child just trying to create your own creative ideas. But now you can relive those fond memories and build exactly what you want to. Every year Lego introduces new sets of buildings and new vehicles for use. The creativity is endless and no two years are alike. With new Legos designs every year you can really enjoy being a kid again.

A lot of parents never realized just how much their kids really liked Lego until they started to get some of their own. They had always known that their daughters loved them but they were really not sure why. They loved the classic Lego Star Wars and the Classic Space series. However, they were somewhat surprised to find out that their little girls really liked the New Lego City set and the NEXO Knights sets. They loved building cars and trucks and even flying spaceships.

One particular building that they thoroughly enjoyed was the Polar Bear building set. It took Lego’s already strong popularity to a whole new level and the Polar bear was something that they wanted to recreate for their daughter. With such a lovely color combination and such a sophisticated look, it was only natural that they would make this particular set their own. The house of the polar bear is a wonderful construction that will encourage your children to think of themselves as explorers.

Some of the best designs in the line are the most popular for a reason. They are fun and they are exciting! The inclusion of minifigures gives every child something that they can collect and put together. While you might expect the best designs to be in huge bricks, Volsung Hall offers something for everyone. The classic Erector set also includes a building that will encourage young builders to get creative.

Young boys love the classic space series and they really liked the new line for the fall of 2018. Building an entire space ship will have your son or daughter excited about building things in the air and on the ground and they will really enjoy putting together the various parts. The Valken and Correx sets are exciting and will encourage young builders to put their imagination to use. This is one of the few sets that has a true story behind it and this will make it truly special for any child who owns it.

Young girls also have their favorite LEGO set: the Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon. This classic space adventure has been re-introduced as part of the new LEGO Star Wars movie lineup and will really inspire young girls to get busy putting these bricks together. The best thing about this set is that there are two versions of the Millennium Falcon, which means that little builders can build both the primary ship as well as a secondary ship that they can use in place of the primary one. If you are having a difficult time choosing which ship to use for the kids, check out the best LEGO Star Wars characters available in the line and they are all featured in the new movie including Chewbacca and Hans Solo!

The best lego designs for children are those that inspire creativity and imagination. You can choose between several different sets and you will be able to find at least one that your children are going to love. The newest additions to the line include some really exciting sets like the Star Wars Resistance ships that feature an all new look and fantastic new details. Check them out and you will find that they are great for imaginative play and great for encouraging imagination. The best lego designs for children are always going to be influenced by their imagination and by what they want to make.