LEGO – the best construction sets for children

History of success 

Founded in the distant 1932 by Ole Kirk, the Danish Lego brand is today a confident leader in the production of high-quality designers for children of different ages.

It turns out that at the very beginning, this company was engaged in the manufacture of wooden furniture and toys. Over time, designers from individual plastic blocks appeared in the production. Now LEGO game sets are the best designers in the world. In addition to classic designers, the manufacturer is engaged in the manufacture of thematic collections, as well as computer games.

Interestingly, the brand name is of Danish origin and means “to play with pleasure” in translation, which, is not in doubt for children all over the world. After all, the details for working with Lego are always bright, exciting, and fascinating for fidgets.

After a while, it became known that in Latin, the word means “I put it together,” which perfectly reveals the main idea of the designers.
Not to stand still, but to grow and develop every year, becomes even better, more interesting for children – the main task for a company with a worldwide reputation. And these are not empty words since, over the long history of LEGO’s existence, it really can be called a true leader among other manufacturers of fascinating designers for children.

In 2010, the largest lego mosaic in the world was created in the capital of Great Britain. And one year later, an amusement park in Florida with the name LegoLand opens.

In 2012, organizational changes took place in the company, which were aimed at its future development.
It is easy and straightforward to build a real fairy-tale palace or other no less exciting building for girls and boys. If the child does not know how to assemble the Lego correctly, loving mom and dad will help him. A lego template comes in handy in creating something unique. The best gift for every child will be Lego for work. To create a real robot with your own hands is a dream for fidgets of different ages.

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