Lego Mindstorms nxt is a new construction kit series for Lego Digital Designer

Why Mindstorms nxt is so entertaining?

The new constructor Lego Mindstorms nxt is designed for high school-age children and their parents. Yes, yes, because of course, adults will be interested in assembling this state-of-the-art Lego toy.

Why is it important to familiarize your child with modern game entertainment? The desire of children to create children’s analogs of these mechanisms and structures is well known. Children do not just strive for the game, they want to build cars themselves, build buildings and populate them with their favorite characters.

Designers have long become one of the most exciting children’s entertainment. For very young children, its functions are fulfilled by cubes and pyramids, from which primitive forms can be folded. Older children, however, already need more complex models. Manufacturers of modern designers combined this desire for creation with the learning process.

Lego Mindstorm is a new generation electrician equipped with the latest technology. Like all Lego designers, it is multifunctional. That said, after you’ve collected Lego Mindstorm nxt, you will not throw it into the farthest corner, but you’ll enjoy fascinating games with it for a long time. In general, one of the features of all Lego toys is that they are very easy to assemble. Detailed instructions with Lego Mindstorm allow you to assemble this unique robot for each child. Even one that is far from design in principle.

Lego keeps pace with the latest technology

Lego mindstorm nxt is equipped with the latest technology: 3 servo motors with angle sensors, USB, Bluetooth enable control with a program that can even be installed on a mobile phone. Ultrasonic rangefinder, microphone, touch, and light sensor – this is not a complete list of the technical features of this robot. This Lego toy is universal. Lego Mainstorm can be Batman’s assistant in the games of the Lego Batman series, helping the Jedi fight the evil (the Lego Star Wars series), traveling in time (because he has a built-in time machine) and helping knights, bloodthirsty dragons and fight terrible skeletons (Lego Castle). In principle, he will not be confused in any situation and even find a battlefield for himself if there is no other Lego toy.

So this Lego toy will take you and your child for many months or even years!

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